Counselling for Other Trauma

Henderson Foley Counselling also provides counselling for adults and children affected by other abuse and trauma. These include:

  • adults and children who have experienced other kinds of abuse in childhood such as physical or psychological abuse, or neglect
  • adults who have experienced violence such as domestic violence or other assault
  • adults and children who have experienced traumatic events such as serious injury or illness of self or family member, loss of a loved one, loss of family member or friend to suicide

Many of the responses to the trauma of child or adult sexual assault listed previously will apply to survivors of other childhood and adult abuse, or other traumatic events.

Again, survivors often seek counselling because their response to their trauma has become problematic in their lives.

Trauma counselling provides an opportunity to talk to someone who is trained to help you to work through difficult memories and feelings.

Trauma counselling works with the underlying cause of the problems, and not just the symptoms.